Tessitura di Rovezzano

Founded in 1946 by the inspiration of the Countess Maria Antonietta di Frassineto,
to create fine Fabrics.
A long reasearch of exclusive materials, historical documents, the creativity of stilists and architects, created the Rovezzano Style.
For a long time Tessitura di Rovezzano fabrics were only available for custom orders, to give to every client an exclusive product.
The fabrics are made only with high quality natural fibers:
Silk Cotton Linen.

TDR Srl- TESSITURA DI ROVEZZANO of Florence: Via Dell'Arte della Paglia - 50058 Signa (Florence) - phone +39 055.6593718 fax +39 055.691002 - e-mail: info@tessituradirovezzano.it - info@pec.tessituradirovezzano.it - Partita IVA 05483240486
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